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Phil Taylor started managing, mentoring and developing Sophia Radisch in 2011 at the tender age of 13, after two years working with the young artist Sophia and her mother traveled to the UK in 2013 to prepare taking guitar lessons to better her skills with Glen Drover .
In 2014 Rock Solid Talent Entertainment started with the production of Sophia Radisch for the  releases of her singles and freshman and sophomore albums "Intoxicated" and "Beautiful Sin".

During production of "Beautiful Sin" Shawn Drover was still the current drummer for MEGADETH  and the production had to be worked around MEGADETH'S  tours. 
Sophia was managed, mentored and developed by Phil Taylor, Sophia recorded her freshman album with Glen Drover on lead guitar and produced by Alex Cooper.
Sophia's sophomore album was produced by Glen Drover, co-produced by Sophia Radisch with Glen Drover on lead guitar, Shawn Drover on drums, Ronnie "Dawg" Robson on bass and Sophia Radisch on rhythm guitar and vocals.
Sophia wrote all the lyrics and both albums and singles they were  released through Rock Solid Talent Entertainment.  
Sophia's guitar tracks and vocals for "Intoxicated" were recorded at the Pembrokeshire Herald Studios in Pembrokeshire, Wales and "Beautiful Sin" guitar and vocals were recorded  at Studio 49 in Narberth, Wales with producer Nick Swannell. And this was the beginning of Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. Project / Production manager was Phil Taylor.

Sophia Radisch Heatwave Glen Drover
Sophia Radisch Intoxicated Glen Drover
sophia radisch beautiful sin glen drover shawn drover
Sophia Radisch Fearfully Euphoric

Beautiful Sin was released

         January 08 2015         

Glen Drover ex-Megadeth Lead Guitarist. Guitar teacher, Session player on
Sophia Radisch albums Intoxicated & Beautiful Sin                                          
Also on Beautiful Sin was ex-Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover.                  
Producer Glen Drover & co-producer- Sophia Radisch                                     
All copyrights belong to Sophia Radisch | All Rights Reserved | 2021            
A Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Production                                                   
General Manager: CEO Phil Taylor                                                                        
Glen Drover  Intoxicated Beautiful Sin Rock Solid Talent Entertainment

Shawn Drover ex Megadeth drummer,                                             

Session player on the entire album Beautiful Sin                            

by Sophia Radisch                                                                                

Produced by Glen Drover & co-produced by Sophia Radisch.      

All Copyrights belong to Sophia Radisch.  | All Rights Reserved |

A Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Production.                               

General Manager: CEO Phil Taylor                                                     

Shawn Drover, Glen Drover, Sophia Radisch, Phil Taylor, Rock Solid Talent Entertainment, Beautiful Sin, Intoxicated, Rock,

Background sound track is "Give Me A Soul" Off Sophia's album "Beautiful Sin".

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